Barking Mutt began over three years ago as a collaborative effort between two local citizens concerned about the homeless animals in Hollister, CA. Ran by volunteers from all walks of life, we are a not for profit, tax exempt organization.

We rely on the generosity of our community members by supporting our fundraising efforts, donating money and supplies to help take care of the animals in our charge. We are not located at a specific location, we utilize a foster program which we feel is better for the animals in our care.

Our common goal is to reduce the number of homeless pets in our county through education and services to aid those in need.

Our Community Efforts

  • Humane Education

    We realize that safety is the number one issue. Neglect and abuse cases that happen are sometimes not intentional, just due to ignorance about the proper handling of an animal and expectations of that animal’s behavior. We have developed a program geared to children of all ages about animal safety and care, as well as, reaching out to the adults in our community.

  • Animal Rescue and Adoption

    It is our goal to be a resource for abandoned and abused animals, working with local Animal Control to give adoptable animals a chance. Through our vigorous assessment program we are ensuring our animals are suitable as a lifetime companion.

    Once we receive an animal and assess its temperament, we obtain medical care, immunizations and spay or neuter the pet before it is placed in its new home. We are holding adoption fairs twice a month at the Furever Friends store at Hanes Mall to give these animals a chance to be seen and placed.

  • Spay/Neuter Program

    We are offering access to a low cost spay/neuter program for pet owners who otherwise cannot afford this sometimes costly procedure. Pet owners can deliver the animal to our drop off location and we take care of the rest. In some instances we will cover the cost of the procedure if certain financial guidelines are met.

  • Private Shelter

    It is our long term goal to build a private shelter in this community and allow other communities to reach out for our services.

    By implementing all of the above programs as well as offer training and behavioral counseling, it is our goal to be a resource for pet owners rather then surrender or set them out to become feral which is one reason why so many are killed and the number climbs each year.