You have made a wise and humane choice to adopt. Adopting a pet is a most fulfilling experience. It is one of those stand-still moments that remains etched in your memory forever. That pleading get-me-out-of-here face you can’t resist. And the feel-good emotions you wear out the door – after all, you just saved a life.

Adopting a pet is most often consummated on emotion. Love at first sight. Plus, you have saved a life!

When you adopt from Barking Mutt, your animal has been behaviorally assessed, altered, parasite free, HW negative or Feline Lukemia negative, and UTD on all shots. There is always alot of time and emotion placed into these animals.

Here is what it costs to adopt from us, a significant savings if you where to get a pet on your own.

Adoption Donations:
Purebreds $150.00
Mixed Breeds $125.00
Cats $95.00