Here you will find information on how much it costs to adopt from us and what you get for your money.

How much is it?

$150.00 For Pure Bred Dogs
$125.00 For Dogs
$95.00 For Cats

Why does it cost this much to adopt?

When you adopt one of our pets, keep in mind that this animal comes with a background, we have had these animals in our care for most often 3-6 months and many times longer, getting lots of attention and basic training skills.

Any bad behavior has already been modified. However, we test these animals extensively before they even enter our program for any types of agression (i.e. animal, food, cat, child, toy, ect). Any issues will be fully disclosed. All of our animals are wonderul pets ready for familes with no need of vet care unless there is an illness for at least a year.

All animals should visit their vets yearly for checkups and maintenance. Also, they have been spayed or neUtered, they are up to date on the immunizations they need (i.e., rabies, parvo/distemper, bordatella), they are Heart Worm negative and on prevention, they are on flea and tick prevention medication, they have been dewormed, they are clean and ready to be a member of your family.

Cats also have all they need medically and are feline leukemia negative and immunized against this deadly disease.

If you were to pay for these services full price at a vet, you will spend hundreds more.. we urge you to contact your vet for pricing information to compare.

Due to the increase of gas pricing, if you are over 50 miles from where the animal is located, we do charge a 25.00 delivery fee.

Thank you for being willing to not contribute to the overpopulation of companion animals by adopting and saving a life. Most of our animals come from a high kill shelter and without us and you, would not have a chance. Any donations are apprecIated and needed for us to continue to pull these animals and give them a chance.